Enough Kim Kardashian Ass to Last You All Week Long


Think what you will of the main Kardashian but even without the name or the sextape we would have still found her. I mean just look at that ass and tell me that this woman would have gone unnoticed in today's world of tits and ass and celebrity?

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Maria Sharapova at the Beach in a Wet Bikini


I'm far from a tennis pro, or even a tennis fan but it seems to me that Ms. Sharapova has been around for quite awhile now. Obviously she's got more than just her looks on the court ( ummm Anna Kornikova anyone?) but that doesn't stop us from ogling her in her bikini.

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Newly Single Miranda Kerr Goes Nude for GQ


There is a very good reason why they call super models SUPER! It's the fact that they look THIS good when they decide to get naked. Sure they can show off clothes and lingerie and swimwear but they also can show just how good your birthday suit can look too.

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Laxtime Links - 03/31/2014


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Anja Rubik NUDE in Lui Magazine (TheNipSlip)

Katee Life doing a Sexy Dance (BoobieBlog)

Firefighters Pull Naked Woman Out Of A Well (Peeperz)

Kate Upton's Animated .Gifs (CelebsEmpire)

Britney Spears Posts Sloppy Bikini Pic To Instagram (CelebJihad)

Celebrity Nude Flash (Nudography)

Amazing beautiful ass spotted (DirtyRottenWhore)

Cora Keega‘Forward by Elyse Walker’ (In The Raw)

Rae – Manchester Manners (PrettyHot&Sexy)

Miley Cyrus Twerking Ass Slapping Pussy GIF (HollywoodOops)


It's Snowing Here and Candice Swanepoel Does THIS!


It's sort of weird that they are taking pictures of someone taking pictures right? But I guess if the pictures being taken are of Super Model Candice Swanepoel and she's in a wet tee shirt who the hell am I to complain.

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Wet & See Through Boobies of Jennifer Nicole Lee


It's getting closer everyone. Inch by inch and slip by slip we are getting closer to the big event when Jennifer Nicole Lee exposes her crotch. The reason she's slowly teasing us with this is because once she drops her drawers that's it. Her 15 minutes of fame will be over.

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Laxtime Links - 03/17/2014


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Scarlett Johansson Full Frontal in Under the Skin (TheNipSlip)

Kelly Madison Using a Vibrator (BoobieBlog)

Vanessa Hudgens Animated GIFs (CelebsEmpire)

Scarlett Johansson Shows Massive Cleavage (CelebJihad)

Beautiful girls with sexy tits (DirtyRottenWhore)

GiGi Hadid Naked in V Mag (In The Raw)

Fanny Francois in Huit Lingerie & Swimwear (PrettyHot&Sexy)

Rihanna Wearing a See Through Mesh Dress (Rich&Brainless)


A Wet & Clingy Bikini Filled with Gemma Atkinson


I so love Gemma Atkinson and it's so nice to see her back (and front). Very few woman out there can fill out a bikini better than Gemma can and here she is proving that nothing has changed. Please Gemma never change and never leave us again.

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Model Olga Kaminska Goes Topless for YOLO Magazine


When I was a kid I thought that anyone who was named OLGA was a huge bitch that could squash me. But honestly I can't even name a chick named Olga that isn't drop dead gorgeous. I still am not a fan of that name but fuck it, Olga's are hot.

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Laxtime Links - 03/12/2014


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Joy Corrigan Nude for GQ Italy (TheNipSlip)

xoGisele Strips on a Rock Bench (BoobieBlog)

Kate Upton Annimated GIFs (CelebsEmpire)

Sophia Bush Promotes Bondage In Maxim Magazine (CelebJihad)

Sitting outside in the park being Naked (DirtyRottenWhore)

Samantha York for Purple #21 (In The Raw)

Selena Gomez Looking Hot on Stage in White (PrettyHot&Sexy)


138 Water is at it again with Kea Ho


I don't understand why people pay for water and I totally don't understand what STUPID hot chicks almost naked have to do with selling it. My best guess at this one is that if these woman spent the night you'd need that water to rehydrate the next morning.

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Toned, Tanned and Teenie Bikini = Natasha Oakley


This is my first time seeing the super toned and tanned bod of Natasha Oakley. I don't know what she does and to be honest.. as long as she's wearing this wet black bikini I really could care less.

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